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  1. What Is FleetSimplify?
FleetSimplify is a platform that specialises in management of transport businesses such as ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, Taxify, Mondo, Little-Cab et cetera. We also manage commuter vehicles and motorcycle hailing Apps. We know the stress and difficulties associated with these businesses, and we are the shield protecting the Partners (car-owners and motorcycle owners) from the stress, frustrations, and difficulty embedded in these sectors. We help partners earn money stress-free and effortlessly. Learn more here.
  2. Are you a ride-hailing platform like Uber, Taxify?
No. We are not, in any way, shape or form, a competitor to ride-hailing apps like Uber, Taxify or LittleCab. But instead we are reinforcing these ride-hailing apps. The ride-hailing apps are in the business of connecting riders with drivers and are not in a management business. We are sure that ride-hailing companies like Uber and Taxify will find our services crucial and pivotal to the success of their business. Why? Because their partners are frustrated and overwhelmed in managing the cars/motorcycles by themselves, consequently they are withdrawing from ride-hailing sector for other investments. With our management services, we help partners earn money stress-free and as a result such partners stay with the ride-hailing companies. In short, FleetSimplify is filling the gaps in the ride-hailing platforms. Please visit “What Is FleetSimplify” to see the relevance of our company to ride-hailing platforms.
  3. How does FleetSimplify work?
It is so simple! You put your vehicle or motorcycle under our management and you relax, waiting for the money to effortlessly stream to you. It is a three step process: 1) Onboard Your Car Or Motorcycle to us; 2) Sign Contract; 3) Start Making Money Passively.
  4. My asset (car, motorcycle) is already on Uber and and Taxify, what do I do to have you manage it?
Just call us and we will guide you on how you can onboard your asset on our management platform. It can take just a day or two for us to start managing your asset. Or go to Asset-Owner Sign-Up page to register.
  5. I don’t have an asset, but I am now interested and would like to buy an asset I onboard on your platform, what are the steps?
We manage ride-hailing taxis, motorcycles and commuter vehicles. Once you decide which sector you like, just call us and we will you guide you through. We would suggest you start applying on our Asset-Owner Sign-Up page. After you have filled and submitted the form, we will swiftly respond and guide you. We will help you onboard your asset to the ride-hailing platforms (e.g. Uber, Taxify, etc) or the related sectors and then manage it on your behalf.
  6. Which cars are accepted on the ride hailing apps?
We have given a list of some common cars accepted on major ride-hailing companies such as Uber,Taxify & Little Cab. An investor should be economical while selecting a vehicle, lower CC will save on fuel while earning high revenues. Hybrid vehicles like Toyota Prius, and Honda Insight will save so much more on fuel as it uses battery as well.
  7. What If I want to invest in motorcycles and in commuter vehicles, do you have a list of recommended assets?
We advise potential clients to do research and verify information. However, we have also given some common assets that are used in motorcycle and commuter vehicle business. Visit our page , List Of Assets Accepted.
  8. How do I track the performance of my business (car, motorcycle, commuter vehicle)?
Once you have joined our platform, you will be given an App for free which will help you track the performance of your business. We update the App on a daily basis. With FleetSimplify App, at a touch of a screen, you can: Track performance of your vehicle (including net revenues earned per day); Track location of your vehicle; Know the service & repair history of your vehicle; Know the next service; Access reports & important documents; Know your driver or motorcyclist; Get updates on operations & status of your business; You will be notified on the expiry of licenses; Get tips & guidance on business performance; Send comments, messages, & feedbacks to FleetSimplify; Receive push notifications, and many more functionalities. Could you please visit our App Landing Page to learn more about our App and how it can help you track performance of your business!
  9. How much revenue will one make in a month and what commision do you take?
In ride-hailing, we manage your asset (Car or Motorcycle) and you take 85% of the Gross Revenue while we take 15% commission on the Gross revenue. For example, if a driver is required to submit a daily revenue target of Kshs. 2,000 then FleetSimplify will take its 15% commission which is Kshs. 300, and the remaining (i.e. Kshs. 1,700) will be credited to the Partner’s Account. In a monthly perspective, if a driver signs up to work for 26 days a month, then we will collect Kshs. 52,000 (i.e. Kshs. 2,000 * 26 days). From this revenue, FleetSimplify will take 15% which is Kshs. 7,800 and the car owner will earn net revenue of Kshs. 44,200.

For a motorcycle, if a motorcyclist is given a daily target of Ksh.400, for 26 days (i.e. in a month), the motorcycle will bring in a gross revenue of Kshs.10,400. From this revenue, the motorcycle owner will get 85% of the revenue which is Kshs. 8,840 and FleetSimplify Commision will be Kshs. 1560 (i.e. 15% of Kshs.10,400).

Note that it is in our best interest to make your investment super profitable because we dont make money until you make money. Our commissions are contingent on your asset generating revenues, the more revenues you generate the higher the revenues we get. Hence, its a win win.
  10. Are there any deductions after the 85% payable to me. In other words are there hidden expenses?
That’s it, after we take 15% commission and you take 85% revenue, there are no other deductions. However, there are expenses that are normally paid up by the partner (Asset Owner). Such expenses include asset periodical service/maintenance, tyre replacements, repairs, and licence renewals e.g. NTSA licence, business permit, insurance et cetera. FleetSimplify Management Plan does not include these expenses. However, If you request FleetSimplify to expend on your behalf, they can do it and the amount will be deducted from the 85% revenue. Please visit our Management Plan for a clear understanding of our packages.
  11. And who pays the driver/motorcyclist, fuel, ride-hailing App commissions, and other operational expenses?
It depends on the model used. The common arrangement is the Target Model where the driver/Motorcyclist pays himself, pays ride-hailing app commission, fuel, phone bundles, etc. When he/she submits the daily target, all those expenses have already been factored in. So you don’t have to worry about that.
  12. Why don’t you reduce your management commission?
The 15% commission is really fair. The work we do for you is really tough. It is not easy at all and the commissions are very low vis a vis the amount of pain, stress and toil we undergo. At the end of the day it is business and not charity. For you to continue to benefit from our services, we need to be sustainable otherwise, there will be no sense of doing business. It’s a win win relationship. You make your money stress-free and we make our profits. That’s business.

15% commission, its about Ksh.7,000 per month. In exchange for this, we offer you several services on a daily basis for a whole month. Tracking your vehicle every 3 hours daily; ensuring the driver pays up daily; inspecting your vehicle/motorcycle to ensure its in good condition; monitoring mileage and notify when its due for service; solving any mechanical issues arising; finding and replacing drivers for your car as need arises; doing a comprehensive screening and background check on driver to be assigned your asset; give you real time updates on your vehicle’s operation; and much more. If asked to pay yourself for the same work, am sure you would gladly write a big cheque. Visit our pricing page to get a glimpse of what we offer.
  13. In ride-hailing taxi, don’t you think that the revenue of Kshs. 44,200 is a low return on my investment?
Before the advent of digitalization/ride-hailing apps, you were contented to settle with a net revenue of Kshs. 30,000 a month for a traditional taxi, you should thank God that now u can earn higher than the Kshs. 30,000. The good news is that you are making this money (Kshs. 44,200), stress-free because FleetSimplify is handling everything for you.
  14. When do we receive our payments?
Normally payments are done monthly or bi-monthly depending on the client’s wish. We wire revenues before 5th of a month. For example, if you onboarded your asset on the beginning of January, you will be paid on 1st of February but not later than 5th February. In the backdrop of digital money innovation, FleetSimplify is currently working on integrating digital wallet payment system in our App. Once we are successful, we will be able to send payments on a daily basis to such applications.
  15. When and how can I terminate using your services?
Clients can join anytime with no strings attached and can terminate contract by giving a one week notice. Infact, its one week notice or mutual agreement meaning that if we agree we can terminate in one day. Why are we giving a one week termination clause? It is because we believe that you won’t terminate due to fact that you will love our services and the enormous benefits of using our platform. Most clients stay in our platform and those who leave it is because of external reasons, such as a client is selling an asset (car) due to medical needs.
  16. I am a driver/motorcyclist, how can I get a partner/employment?
Drivers or motorcyclists interested in working with FleetSimplify can either call us or visit www.driversimplify.com. That is the platform that we go to find drivers.
  17. Is It true that you also manage commuter vehicles?
Yes. Our mission is to simplify investors life and help them make money stress-free. People who have invested in the commuter business are having a difficult time with their business. And to help such people, FleetSimplify is also managing such vehicles so that the asset owner earns money stress-free. If interested in the public commuter sector, just call the office or go to Asset-Owner Sign-Up page.
  18. I am in overseas, I want to buy a car/motorcycle to operate in Kenya on the ride-hailing platforms, how can Fleetsimplify assist me?
We will simplify everything for you. You can buy a car/Motorcycle or we help you buy it then we will onboard the asset on ride-hailing apps on your behalf. We will enter into a contract with you (We can send the contract via DHL or courier service of your choice). We may as well send the Contract via email, you sign, scan the contract and email it back. We take it up from there and get your vehicle/motorcycle operational. Alternatively, you can nominate your representative in Kenya to be your signatory and overseer. Once, all has been done, you or your representative will be given a free app to track and monitor the performance of your business. In fact, you don’t have to be in Kenya to track your business. FleetSimplify App will help you with that. Please visit our App Landing Page to learn how the App will assist you.
  19. Where does the vehicle/motorcycle park?
The vehicles are in full custody of the drivers. They park the vehicles at their residences or places they have designated as safe. In this business, you will rarely see your asset. That is why you need a reliable entity to be a custodian of your asset. And that’s FleetSimplify.
  20. When do I get to see my vehicle?
We can always make arrangements for you to see your vehicle. But we don’t think that is necessary because we usually conduct an asset inspection after every two weeks. And the inspection is thorough even more in-depth and stringent that the inspection you will have done since we work in partnership with mechanics and experts. In short, we are your eyes. But if you insist to view your asset, there is nothing wrong with that, we will facilitate.
  21. How do you ensure security of my vehicle/motorcycle?
We track the vehicle every 3 hours and we are able to know the whereabouts of the vehicle. We are like a hawk’s eye, following your asset wherever it goes. We know you don’t have the time to monitor movement of your asset at a regular basis. We do that on your behalf. We flag suspicious activities and misuse of asset. On top of that, we have some new technology and devices that we recommend partners to use that help track the assets and are more efficient that the conventional tracking devices. We are always ahead of the game.
  22. Is It true that you offer free body paint on the cars
Partners have the fear that drivers mishandle their cars. Partners worst nightmare is to see dents, scratches, and damages on their assets. With FleetSimplify, perish that thought because we offer free full body paint to any car that has stayed under our management for one full year. Your car can then look as good as new. This does not mean that we encourage drivers to use your asset anyhowly. We have regular inspections that take care of this. What we care most as a company, is to make the client happy.
  23. Why should I not manage my own car/motorcycle, it is not that hard?
We will give you four reasons.

First Reason: People in ride-hailing sector have been withdrawing their assets and fleeing away from this business because of the stress and headaches involved. There is a saying: “Any fool can learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.” We would likewise advise you to learn from those who thought they could manage the business by themselves and they were overwhelmed and incurred losses.

Second Reason: Managing transport business is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is easy to go crazy handling rogue and dishonest driver, garage issues, and traffic offenses to mention a few. In short, managing transport business is hard. That is why Fleetsimplify wants to simplify your life, by asking you to outsource all these stress to us.

Third Reason: Am sure you have heard the saying “Penny wise and dollar/pound foolish”. You may think that you are saving but in reality you are incurring more costs than what you are saving. As an illustration, Fleetsimplify conducts periodic car check-ups, and ensure the car is in good mechanical condition. Maybe the driver you have employed may not value your car, may not be vigilant on checking oil levels, leakages etc and after four months, your car gets an engine knock, you will end up incurring more costs than saving the money from not contracting Fleetsimplify to manage your car.

Fourth Reason: Why trade your time for money that is supposed to be passive. Time is the most important commodity, you can utilize it with your loved ones instead of fighting with drivers and handling car repairs. Fleetsimplify wants you to generate passive income stream, so that you can have the freedom to enjoy life and improve your work/life balance. “Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life.” In fact, once you outsource the management of the car to us, you can even utilize your extra time and devote it to other entrepreneurial projects and become a millionaire. So if you view it in a bigger picture, it is worth contracting Fleetsimplify to manage your car/motorcycle.

You may want to learn about the Benefits of Using FleetSimplify. Visit “What Is FleetSimplify” page.
  24. How do you select and screen drivers & riders?
We carry out rigorous screening for the drivers & riders prior to recruitment.This includes screening their documents, checking their residence amongst other processes. We test-drive them to ensure that we get very competent drivers. We seek to employ honest and trustworthy drivers/riders who are responsible in their work. We continuously improve our processes for efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.
  25. How do I know that your services are the best?
We are customer-obsessed company and that is why we constantly innovate to make the client happy. For that reason, we have developed an amazing App for our clients and they are very happy and grateful for it. We are the first-movers in this business hence we have mastered it and we are not stopping to catch our breath. Moreover, We are reputable for honesty, integrity and professionalism and we won’t rest on our laurels. As a company armed with a Research and Development department, we usually pride in the strides we make in this industry as a result of the R&D we conduct. We have embraced the contemporary technological advances in our processes and systems. Our customer retention rate is super high and that should tell you how amazing our services are. Please read our page “Why Choose Us”
  26. I want to make a decision, could you please feed me with more information?
Don’t worry. We did our best to ensure that our website contains all the needed information to assist a potential client make up his mind. We would suggest that you create time and go through the entire website. You may also want to visit Fleetsimplify News & Blog or our Videos Page or just browse our entire website. If you have a particular question, don’t hesitate to contact us. It has been an honor to have you visit our website. Thanks