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Our Revenue Model

We manage your asset (Car or Motorcycle) and we take 15% commission on the revenue. For example, if a driver is required to submit a daily revenue target of Kshs. 2,000 then FleetSimplify will take its 15% commission which is Kshs. 300, and the remaining (i.e. Kshs. 1,700) will be credited to the Partner’s Account. In a monthly perspective, if a driver signs up to work for 26 days a month, then we will collect Kshs. 52,000 (i.e. Kshs. 2,000 * 26 days). From this revenue, FleetSimplify will take 15% which is Kshs. 7,800 and the car owner will earn net revenue of Kshs. 44,200.

Features Of Our Management Plan

To help you understand what we can do for you, we have listed and briefly explained some key points undertaken by FleetSimplify. Under the current Management Plan, FleetSimplify will be responsible for the following tasks. Go through this list to understand the features.

Features Or What We Do!

Get a trustworthy, hardworking and proficient driver/motorcyclist

Why Is It Important?

If you get a driver/motorcyclist who is incompetent or rough, you will definitely incur many costs. Your revenues will end up in asset repairs and paying up for liabilities. The more aggressive and hardworking a driver/motorcyclist is, the higher the returns and if you hire a lazy driver/motorcyclist, you will make less money. A dishonest and rogue driver/ can tamper some parts of your asset or even run away with your asset. With our rigid selection process and background check, we make sure the right driver/motorcyclist is assigned your asset.

Unlimited replacement of drivers/motorcyclists

High turnover of drivers/motorcyclists is the cause of lost revenues since partners have to wait for days before they find a replacement. As your car is parked while you search for the appropriate driver, you are losing revenues. On top of that, the toil you will go through before you get a driver is excruciatingly tedious. With FleetSimplify, when a driver/motorcyclist leaves work, we instantly replace from our pool of vetted drivers. In this industry, there is a high turnover of drivers and with our unlimited replacement feature, you are covered.

Collect taxi/motorcycle revenues on your behalf

Cashless economy has not yet arrived. Most people don’t use credit cards, bitcoin, paypal or other online payment system. Hence, revenue collection is a nightmare for partners. If you hire a dishonest and stubborn driver/motorcyclist, you will get low revenues. Such drivers are good at getting away with your money. Even if you manage to collect the agreed revenues it will be after a long fight. We are good at revenue-collection, hence no loss of revenue. You will also be relieved of collection stress. Life is too short to quarrel with drivers.

Managing and accounting ride-hailing commissions

The driver/motorcyclist may be submitting his daily targets but accumulates commissions payable to ride-hailing app in the client’s account. We ensure that the driver pays both daily target & commissions leaving the client with no debt. There are partners who are blinded by the amount of revenues submitted to them by their drivers not knowing that they have been short-changed. Partners will go at a loss when they pay the ride-hailing commissions from their pockets. With FleetSimplify, all loopholes are permanently fixed hence revenue maximisation.

Periodic check-ups of the car/motorcycle. Upto 2 check-ups per month.

You bought that asset with your hard-earned money. It should be well maintained. Some drivers/motorcyclist care more about getting rides and not about your asset. Your car may have leaks, low oil levels, etc but they will do nothing. Once your car is faulty/non-operational (e.g. due to engine-knock), they will dump it for another car. Our thorough vehicle inspection takes care of that and saves you from losing money. We ensure all asset parts are intact and not tampered with. With FleetSimplify, your asset will be well maintained and in good condition.

Track your car/motorcycle for suspicious activities and take appropriate action

You may have heard the phrase, “Gone in sixty seconds!”? Expert thieves can run away with your asset within this timeframe. Even the tracking devices installed in your asset can be removed within minutes. At FleetSimplify, we have a hybrid of human monitoring/tracking and technology-aided systems that track your asset, flag suspicious activities and take appropriate action. You are busy with your work and you don’t have that time to effectively track and monitor your asset, why not contract FleetSimplify to handle that in a very effective way.

Free full body paint of your car after every 12 months

Partners have the fear that drivers mishandle their cars. Some drivers don’t feel for your asset. It is not their hard-earned money hence they use the asset recklessly. Partners worst nightmare is to see dents, scratches, and damages on their assets. With FleetSimplify, perish that thought because we offer free full body paint to any car that has stayed under our management for one full year. Your car can then look as good as new. This does not mean that we encourage drivers to use your asset anyhowly. We have regular inspections that take care of this.

Get FleetSimplify App free of charge

At FleetSimplify, we give free app to our clients. With FleetSimplify App, at a touch of a screen, you can: Track performance of your vehicle; Track location of your vehicle; Know the service & repair history of your vehicle; Know the next service; Access reports & important documents; Know your driver or motorcyclist; Get updates on operations & status of your business; You will be notified on the expiry of licenses; Get tips & guidance on business performance; Send comments, messages, & feedbacks to FleetSimplify; and many more functionalities.

Monitor mileage to avoid misuse of asset and to know next service

Your asset may be used by two or more drivers/motorcyclists without your knowledge? You may think that your car is driven by one driver yet one driver drives the car during the day and another at night. Your car works for 24 hours a day, hence you expend more on car service and repairs and your car will depreciate at an alarming rate. We have systems and algorithms that detects mileage in relation to vehicle misuse, and for calculating of next service. You don’t want to spend your life tracking location of your asset or monitoring its mileage.

Save you from driver/motorcyclist disputes

Uber, Lyft and other companies are working on driverless ride-hailing service. But before this technology is authorised and deployed, you will still need human drivers and motorcyclists. And since they are humans, and are not immortals, they can can go against terms and conditions, can fail to repair your damaged car, fail to pay daily returns, e.t.c. and both of you can be confrontational. When you outsource management of your asset to FleetSimplify, you will bypass all these disputes and confrontations. Life is too short to be confrontational.

Driver performance management

We may assume that all drivers and motorcyclists know it all. Understanding the tricks of the trade is an evolving exercise. Hence, one of FleetSimplify tasks is to train drivers and motorcyclists on the business performance so that the business runs smoothly and maximises revenues. FleetSimplify are always ahead of the game, and as a serious company which is armed with a strong Research and Development Department, we ensure that even drivers are empowered in all aspects so that both parties, the asset owner and driver/motorcyclist are happy.

Find & fix technical issues on ride-hailing app/website/office.

The ride-hailing apps or the partner accounts do have hitches and glitches and sometimes the asset owner needs to fix them in person. We know that you are busy and do not have the time to visit the ride-hailing offices. That’s when you need FleetSimplify to handle that. Sometimes, the documents uploaded on the ride-hailing platforms have some issues which prevents the assets from normal operation. When these hitches hit, it means you are losing revenues. It is the duty of FleetSimplify to follow up on the issues and ensure a solution is found.

Guide you with license renewals e.g. NTSA vehicle inspection

Upon your request, we will assist you with the process of getting necessary licenses and documents needed in your transport business such as NTSA Inspection. We simplify things so that your asset is ready to work in the shortest time possible. This speedy response by FleetSimplify will prevent your asset from idle-time. And whenever your asset is barred from working or idle, you will definitely lose revenues. It is not fun to physically queue to renew a license, or go online to fill renewal forms. Think of FleetSimplify as your personal assistant.

Guide you with vehicle inspection required by the ride-hailing platform

You have a car or motorcycle that is in transport business. Whether it’s in ride-hailing apps or in a traditional platform, still there are some key inspections to be undertaken. For assets in ride-hailing apps, there is a mandatory inspection required. There is also the asset inspection required by the National Transport and Safety Authority – NTSA. FleetSimplify is well versed with all these processes and steps. We move swiftly to ensure your vehicle is inspected and ready to work in the shortest time, sparing you the headache of the process.

Get tips & guidance on revenue maximisation

We are the experts in the transport business. We have mastered the game and the chaos. We work in partnership with competent mechanics, service providers and consultants in transport sector. We will provide you with free consultancy on areas pertaining to your business so that you maximise profits. We have empowered many clients and they are happy with our guidance and advise. We have different approaches to ensure your vehicle generates the highest revenues without increasing the costs.Your vehicle should make you money and not cost you money.

We prepare (make and update) contracts on your behalf

Unless you are a lawyer, you need legal advice to cover yourself and your business. And to do these effectively, you need to be up-to-date on the dynamics of this business. The ride-sharing platforms may have covered themselves well in their contracts but have you covered yourself in your business? Having enforceable contracts covers everyone’s interest in this business. The contracts ensure that the client’s and driver’s rights are not infringed in any way, shape or form and any such infringement, it can be remedied.We make and update these contracts on your behalf.

Follow-up on a damaged car/motorcycle or an asset involved in accident until it has been fixed.

You may have heard the saying, “a ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” And as long as your asset is on the road, it will one day bear the brunt of accidents. When this happens, you need not have a panic attack or adjourn your business meetings to take care of the situation. Fleetsimplify is designed to make your life simple and your investment stress-free. The insurance process, the garage headaches, etc.We have a team that takes care of that to ensure your vehicle is attended to swiftly and is back on the road.

Repossess asset in situations necessitating it

Cases of non-payment by drivers or motorcyclists necessitates repossession of assets. A driver could default the instructions given to return the asset or may abandon it. We have a department that deals with such rogue drivers/motorcyclists. Individuals who exploit partners are dealt accordingly at FleetSimplify. We have a “take-no-prisoner approach”. Responsible drivers and motorcyclists are the ones that are friends with us and the rest have no place here. We track both the drivers and assets and our rapid response team handles any type of operation.

Optional Services/Features Offered By FleetSimplify

The following are features that are not included in the Management Plan. However, the client may subscribe to these services or contract on demand and FleetSimplify will undertake them.

Features Or What We Do!

Supervise vehicle/motorcycle maintenance/service and repairs

Why Is It Important?

Some garages are not that honest and ethical. They may claim to have done asset service/maintenance sufficiently yet some areas were left out. They may even give wrong diagnosis or get away with some parts. Hence, supervision by FleetSimplify officials during this process is important.

Expend for vehicle/motorcycle maintenance/service

We hold money on behalf of the client and upon client’s approval, we will take the asset to a garage, expenses paid by FleetSimplify and debited to Clients account. Even if you are cash constrained, FleetSimplify will help you out and you will refund the money at a later date.

Expend for vehicle/motorcycle repairs

Sometimes you don’t have the money to fix a major repair. Or your have already done your budget and you don’t want to mess with your plans. You can strike an arrangement with FleetSimplify and we can do the repairs for you with our money. This way you reduce idle time for your asset.

Take your asset for NTSA vehicle inspection until the license is out.

The National Transport and Safety Authority has obliged some assets to undergo a yearly asset inspection. The process starts from online booking. Then ensuring that the asset meets the requirements and it is physically taken for inspection. All those hustles will be done by FleetSimplify at a fee.

Those who do not want to fully subscribe to FleetSimplify Management Plan, may choose and pick the service they want from this full list of on-demand services. Click the button

Revenue Contingent On Type Of Asset

The stated prices and expected returns in this page are the standard rates that are reasonable and achievable. However, we may negotiate the prices and even decide to pay you more. Many factors are put into consideration when determining the returns to be earned. Such factors include but not limited to vehicle type, fuel consumption, ride-hailing price fluctuations, vehicle usage et cetera. Engage us, just start a chat with FleetSimplify.