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On-Demand Services

Nimbleness and agility is a trait of FleetSimplify. We are determined to simplify everything hence no need to force clients to choose an entire package. We are flexible and you are allowed to purchase a service as you go. You don’t have to commit yourself to a whole set of services. Just pick what you want. Listed below are some of the services offered.

Some On-Demand Services Offered By FleetSimplify

  • Take your asset (i.e car) for NTSA vehicle Inspection until the license is out.
  • Find & fix technical issues on ride-hailing app/website/office.
  • Guide and help you with vehicle inspection required by the ride-hailing platforms
  • Get a trustworthy, hardworking and proficient driver/motorcyclist
  • Consultancy on various issues e.g. how to increase revenue & tips on how to solve driver/motorcyclist issues
  • Supervise vehicle/motorcycle maintenance/service
  • Supervise car/motorcycle repairs.
  • Periodic check-ups of the asset. A Specific fee for every check-up.
  • Managing and accounting ride-hailing commissions
  • Driver performance management
  • We prepare (make and update) contracts on your behalf.
  • Sell your asset (car or motorcycle) on your behalf.
  • Find for you the desired car you want to buy.
  • Offer you with the latest car-tracking devices.
  • Offer expert advice to those interested in joining ride-hailing platforms


The number of services listed above are not all that can be offered. More services may be included and if you have a specific request not listed above, why not try to call us. We may assist you. Please go to Contact Us page and inquire the charges of the on-demand service. Looking forward to providing you with stellar services.

If you want our Full Management Package, you are equally welcome. Click this button to view