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Sarah Kamau
PHD Student

"I am a Kenyan who lives and works in America. I wanted to have a ride-hailing Car operating in Kenya. After a Google search, I stumbled upon FleetSimplify’s website hailers.co/. My car is now managed by FleetSimplify and they wire the revenue on a monthly basis. We are truly living in a global village."

Susan Fred
Bank Teller

"When I was managing my car for myself, I had hired drivers who never use to submit the agreed revenues. It was so frustrating because the income was not constant, it was not sufficient and I could not service my loan. The moment FleetSimplify took control of the car, I started earning steady returns. I am not worried anymore"

Korir Kiptoo

"I am amazed that they even have On-Demand-Services. You don’t have to subscribe to an entire package. I Just wanted to hire a driver and manage my car on my own, and guess what…FleetSimplify got me one. They are so flexible. These guys are so smart."

Maryam Ali

"I wanted to find a driver for my Taxify car. As a woman, I was so shy and uncomfortable starting a conversation with a stranger to find out if he is a driver and if he can work for me. I was not comfortable interacting with male drivers about the business. With FleetSimplify, all my stress has been eliminated."

Mutisya Kibwana
Civil Servant

"The information in FleetSimplify website is so clear and to the point. It is as if they knew the problems Kenyans face with regards to ride-hailing apps and transport business. They have provided all the solutions. Congrats, FleetSimplify. I am impressed by their free App"

Ahmad Abdurahman

"FleetSimplify truly simplifies things and makes complicated process easy. They manage my motorcycles and my cars. I travel to Dubai without having to worry about my assets. They are in safe hands and I have peace of mind."

Wafula Peter

"I bought 5 motorcycles, handed them to FleetSimplify. They are the ones handling the business...doing the dirty work and I only earn money stress-free. Without FleetSimplify platform, I wouldn't dare buy 5 motorcycles. Who would want to manage 5 motorcyclists! That would be suicide for me."

Carolina Wahome

"I am grateful to God to have found FleetSimplify. It was really hard managing this business on my own. I even wanted to quit but now all the stress and hardships are taken care by FleetSimplify"

Kariuki Joseph

"These guys [FleetSimplify] are professional. I love their service. They have gone further to create an App for their clients. I can now track the performance of my business at a touch of a phone screen. Thanks for the FleetSimplify App"

Odhiambo Fidel

"FleetSimplify has saved me the hustles. With my busy schedule, I couldn’t have managed to join Uber. I am now enjoying passive income stream without having to toil"

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