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What Is FleetSimplify

FleetSimplify specialises in management of transport businesses especially ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, Taxify, Little-Cab, Mondo et cetera. We also manage commuter vehicles and motorcycle hailing Apps. We know the stress and difficulties associated with these businesses, and we are the shield protecting the Partners (car-owners and motorcycle owners) from the stress, frustrations, and difficulty embedded in these sectors. We help partners earn money stress-free and effortlessly. It is so simple! You put your vehicle or motorcycle under our management and you relax, waiting for the money to effortlessly stream to you.

Clients love our services and to ensure we maintain a product that is always loved by our users, we constantly innovate on behalf of the client. We have developed an App in order to be ahead of the game, upgrade our services and make our clients happy.

Life Is Too Short To Suffer

FleetSimplify’s vision is to simplify complexities in the transport industry. Helping partners in the ride-sharing businesses and in the transport sector earn money effortlessly, without toil.

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The Problems We Are Solving!

As stated by Meredith Hill, “People don’t buy products, they buy solutions” and with this mindset, FleetSimplify is designed to solve problems that affect the ride-sharing platforms and the partners. We are not a Platform Business like Uber Or Motorcycle App. We are a Management company. Many gaps in the ride-sharing industry have no solutions. Gaps like hiring and replacing drivers; revenue collection, service and repair; tracking vehicles against theft, conflicts with drivers; et cetera. These problems will still exist and these gaps have now been filled by FleetSimplify.

These are serious concerns that, with FleetSimplify, you can bypass:

Garage & Repairs

You can’t run away from garage. Your car or motorcycle needs to be serviced well and professionally.


Life is too short to quarrel with your driver or motorcyclist. Why not outsource conflict management to FleetSimplify!


“Gone in sixty seconds!”. Your car may disappear within this time with expert thieves who can uninstall the tracking device. Hybrid of human monitoring/tracking and technology based devices offered by FleetSimplify is the solution.

Cash Collection

Cashless economy has not yet arrived. Most people don’t use credit cards, bitcoin, paypal or other online payment system. Hence, revenue collection is still a nightmare for partners.

Human Drivers

Uber, Lyft and other companies are working on driverless ride-hailing service. But before this technology is deployed and authorised by governments, you will still need human drivers. And since they are humans and not immortals, they can quit employment, can be confrontational e.t.c hence you will still need FleetSimplify services to take care of that.

Training Drivers

Drivers, like other professionals, need on the job training to achieve outstanding performance. We offer short scheduled trainings to ensure our drivers are top notch.

Technical Issues

Website and app hitches always arise. Online renewals of licences can be a hard-task. Some calculations require know-how of the system et cetera.


Unless you are a lawyer, you need legal advice to cover yourself and your business. And to do these effectively, you need to be up-to-date on the dynamics of this business. The ride-sharing platforms may have covered themselves well in their contracts but have you covered yourself in your business?

Vehicle/Motorcycle Inspection

In ride-sharing platforms and other transport related businesses, your vehicle is handled by an outsider. Sometimes, these “outsiders” do not treasure your asset and do not understand or even care that you hustled to own the asset. How do you guarantee that your vehicle/motorcycle is well maintained and damages fixed! Sometimes it needs an expert to properly inspect the asset and not the laity.


Many of our clients who own ride-hailing assets (car or motorcycle) are busy with other tasks and ventures. To them, time is literary money and they won’t waste it by becoming drivers or motorcyclist by themselves. They wont even waste it by managing this business by themselves. They are smart because they utilize their precious time to focus on other businesses and make even more money. That’s why FleetSimplify is their choice.

And Many More…

And there are many more areas that the ride-hailing platforms will not focus, hence, the need to have a management company that will take care of these issues. FleetSimplify is that company. Fleetsimplify is not in competition with the ride-hailing platforms, rather they compliment these businesses and fill the gaps.

Four Benefits Of Contracting FleetSimplify Services

1Recline in Your Couch And Earn Money Passively.

Most likely, this business is meant to be an added source of revenue to you. And this revenue should literally flow passively. The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. How beautiful if you have multiple businesses that give you money effortlessly, while you enjoy life. Transport business has many challenges, and difficulties which will now be taken care by FleetSimplify so that you can relax and focus on other projects.

2Improve Your Work/Life Balance.

Life has been tough handling your daily activities or grinding at your workplace. After work, you need to spend quality time with yourself or with your family. You also need time for prayers. And you should not compromise your family time by toiling again with your transport business. “Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life.” Spend your free time with your family while FleetSimplify takes care of your business.

3Maximize Profits In Your Transport Business

Kevin O’Leary, the “Shark Tank” star, entrepreneur and investor says that “Whatever you pay attention to grows!” We know that you are super-busy and you don’t have time to pay attention to your transport business. Your busy schedule does not allow you to research on this business. That is why FleetSimplify, with its experience, and its research team, will focus on your transport business and hence your business maximises profit.

4Your Asset Will be Safe And in Good Condition

You parted with hard-earned money to buy this vehicle or motorcycle. And this asset is in the hands of a random person. FleetSimplify shares the same concern as yours: The car must be safe and well maintained. And that is our focus. We work closely with experts in the transport industry so that we can offer stellar services. Clients love our strict asset inspection process which helps in keeping the assets in excellent condition.

FleetSimplify Has An App For Its Clients

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