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Why Choose FleetSimplify

FleetSimplify is a management platform which assists asset-owners make money stress-free. We strongly believe that we are the best in providing the services you need. Here are some reasons why you should choose FleetSimplify:

We Are The First-Movers

We have a headstart into this business of asset-management. In others words, we have mastered the chaos and we continue to chart the way forward. We have amazing logistical experience, we are well versed with all challenges of managing assets such as vehicles and motorcycles and we know the ins and outs of this business. We fully understand the tricks of the transportation trade, and for that reason, handling your asset (car or motorcycle) is like a walk in the park. More experience equals more insight.

We Are Always Innovating And Inventing For The Client

Our secret to business success is: Always invent and innovate for the client. We believe that it is not the duty of our clients to invent for themselves. They don’t have the time for that and we are the company that pride in simplifying stuff. We have therefore taken as our duty to come up with invention and innovations that will make the clients love our services. That’s the reason we even developed an App for our users. Check FleetSimplify App here. That’s not the end, we keep making new inventions for the clients.


Our honesty and trustworthiness in business and in our operations is not instilled in us just because some people or institution are watching us but our integrity, ethics, and trustworthiness is because we believe that God, the All-Seer is watching us even if humans and other institutions can’t see us. Our clients trust us because of this. As said, “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” And this is what describes us best.

We Love Tackling Tough Challenges.

Transport logistics/business is one of the toughest businesses in the world. If you want to come close to being crazy, try transport business. But because we love challenges and difficult businesses, we not only struggle to be the best but we derive pleasure in it. Whenever challenges and bottlenecks emerge, we enjoy the moment because we will excitedly face the challenges head-on, crack our brains, test until a tangible solution is found, then celebrate. Our philosophy is as that of George S. Patton’s, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” We have mastered the chaos, we are super-efficient in managing assets and that is why FleetSimplify is super-efficient and successful.


We don’t do monkey business. We don’t enter into business deal orally or under a tree. We are a registered company; Our clients sign contracts with us; The drivers and motorcyclists also sign contracts, we use the latest technological tools to deliver our services; we have steller customer care; our staff have the necessary credentials and are well trained; for CRM and transparency purposes, our clients are given free FleetSimplify App to track the performance of their business. We are known for professionalism and this is one of our unique selling points.

Our Mission: Help Asset-Owners Earn Steady Returns, Stress-Free

People have monthly bills and they never want to see their income interrupted. There has to be a steady flow of revenues, every month otherwise it will be a nightmare. Also, people want to invest in a business that has good returns and less headache. For these two points, FleetSimplify is helping asset-owners in transport business earn steady income, in a stress-free manner.

Clients are happy with our services since they no longer worry about lack of money to pay for monthly rent, loan-repayment, medical fund, school fees, et cetera. Clients who outsourced asset management to FleetSimplify, save their precious time for other activities such as 1) to enjoy life 2) pursue other businesses, 3) visit family and friends (live a life), 4) et cetera. They don’t trade money for time. They are not penny wise and dollar foolish. They know the value of outsourcing asset management to FleetSimplify.

We have a Research Team.

Truth be told, the only thing that is constant is change. In this business, there are numerous iterations and changes. New issues, new problems arise. Moreover, the more one learns about an industry the more advantageous he becomes. Our research Team is constantly studying this sector for new information, ideas, advantages, tricks of trade, technological tools, et cetera. These insights will not only help FleetSimplify provide first-rate services but will also help our clients maximize profits. How beautiful to be part of a team that is always ahead of the curve.

Importance of FleetSimplify to Ride-Hailing Apps and To Asset-Owners

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